About me

Hello, my name is Milan from Betterapplication.ch
and I am your personal cv and job interview coach.
I can help you improve your cv and cover letter, show your best self during your next job
interview, boost your presence on linkedin
and in case you are unemployed I am happy to counsel and translate for you
at your local unemployment office.

I am a german luxury hotel professional with over 15 years of operational background, specialized in rooms division, revenue and digital marketing and I
live in switzerland since ten years now with my family.

I hold a diploma in tourism and sports management, a Digital Marketing Manager certificate and an ECRME Revenue Manager certificate.
At the moment I am in training for adult education, a coaching certificate and on the way to become one of the first EmployAgility trusted coaches.
Also, I have a linguistic studies background in German and English language. I speak 5 languages fluently (German, English, Spanish, Greek and French).

During my career  I have conducted hundreds of job intervies and have personally hired and developed teams with up to 20 staff members successfully.

My coaching approach is focused on mutual learning and development and
I see our collaboration as a mutual project which empowers you to become a cv expert too!

Personally, I am committed to volunteering projects, a co-living project in Zurich and  in my free time I love to spend time with the family, do outdoor sports like skiing and kitesurfing and I am always on the lookout for meaningful interactions.

Are you interested in my sevices?

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Thank you very much