"Milan's advice has undoubtedly brought my CV and cover letter up to the level required in Switzerland and thanks to this I have managed to increase interest in my candidacy in several selection processes. He has reviewed my CV in detail: Word by word, formatting, ways of expressing myself and general sense always adjusted to the latest technologies used by recruiters today. From the first moment his professionalism, passion for his work and generosity left me very impressed. No doubt he is one of the best in this field."
Monica, Clean Technologies Engineer

"I had a one-hour session with Milan and it was a huge boost to my interview preparation. He gave me really useful tips about how to set my microphone, camera, and background. I also had a mock interview with him where went through some typical questions. After that, he gave me feedback that I could implement straight away. Highly practical. I highly recommend if you have an interview soon."
Ramon, Software Front End Developer
(Note: Ramon already chose his next dream job and will start working in Zurich after receiving multiple offers)

I had a 1:1 coaching with Milan. It helped me a lot to prepare for my job interview. After the session with him and a little more of preparing on my own, I felt ready for the interview. He knows what questions to expect and how to behave depending on the firm. He also gave me a lot of great tips and suggestions about my portfolio and CV.
PS.: I got the job on the spot!
Luis, Architect

Milan is an excellent coach and has great ideas on
how to improve your chances of bypassing complicated robots and HR processes to find the right role for you. Switzerland is one of the most difficult places in Europe to find a job and Milan has good in-depth knowledge of the market. I highly recommend his services."
Neil, Corporate Communications Director

"Probably the best feedback on my CV received up to now : Betterapplication! 

The recommendations provided are based on experience and knowledge, the input it’s structured and well explained. 

I have been working on my CV since the last 4 months with not much result ... but I feel that the input received today during my session with Milan  has given a big input forward! 

And also the process to book a session is extremely easy and efficient. Loved it ! 

I strongly recommend it !"
Gaia, Project Manager and Process Improvement Specialist

"Milan is very friendly, prompt and professional with feedback and replies and has provided some useful tips on improving my CV when I was looking to transition my career direction, iI would highly recommend him!"
Yiyi, Senior Recruiter

"Milan reevaluated and gave valuable advice on my CV, pointed out meticulously the must haves of a cover letter here in Switzerland and helped me reshape my LinkedIn profile. Professional, efficient, no nonsense.
He is definitely an absolutely committed co-organiser for The Zurich Job Alliance, who strongly believes in our cause and has so far helped out many of our members in the quest to improve and upgrade their dossiers
Thank you very much Milan!"
Inge, Executive Assistant

"During a CV coaching with Milan, I received practical tips for implementation and I have a clear picture of where I can further optimize my CV.
But what I particularly noticed is his constructive, solution-oriented communication. He helped me to generate new, creative ideas and to advance the further development of my Swiss CV with ease. Thank you very much Milan!
Charlotte, UX Designer

We have been working together for few days and even though I am almost busy 24 hours Milan is always there to help, recommend and advise and of course the results are better than I ever wished for!! Thank you Milan for working with me it's the first time I feel such trust! Keep it like this! Highly reccomended!!!
Dimitra, Hotel & Customer Service Manager

I got to know Milan through a Corona support group where he offered his CV services. I sent him an application of mine and he analysed it in detail and gave me some very helpful hints of how to make my CV more efficient for the reader/future employer.
Theo, Digital Marketing Manager

Milan is very friendly person and gave me some useful insights regarding my CV and cover letter. Right now I feel more confident knowing, that my CV matches swiss standards. Thank you and all the best!
Ana, Sales Manager IT

I was very impressed with the response speeds and definitely think it was well worth it for the cover letter adjustments and a bit of extra insight. Thank you!
Stanislav, Principal Cancer Scientist

Milan helped me a lot with my CV and Cover Letter. I highly recommend him!"
Anna, Executive Assistant

"Milan was very helpful in drafting my CV and motivational letter, so that they were tailored to the Swiss market. He supported me preparing for an eventual interview, with the best advices and insider tips to get through it better. Thank you so much Milan!"
Ofelia, Social Media and Event Manager

"Milan Schnabel was my adviser in my videotraining online for interviews. I'm a young architect looking for a new role. Because of his assistance in restructuring my CV and Coverletter I'm now more prepared and feel ready to apply for the job I'm looking for. I felt helped and challenged at the same time while simulating an interview with him. It is entirely worth it!"
Anka, Architect